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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes! Forever free. To access to the hub, resources and the community, all you need to do sign up. No debit/credit card needed (But we do have some exclusive features for paid membership options coming very soon! So keep your eyes peeled!)

To free is simple. All you have to do is follow this link. You create an account either with Google, Facebook, Apple ID or with Email. Once your request is submitted, we’ approve your request and your in!

Besides being at least 16yrs, the only requirement that you need is to be curious to learn, excited to grow and wanting to be a part of something bigger than us all FOR us all!

Provuhbs fills the gap and provides the baseline for many of us who are lacking essential resources, support and environment. Have one central hub for helpful resources, an environment and system actually conducive to your growth, and people who are excited for your growth. Don’t forget all the discounts, events and offers! Sounds great right?

It’s an exclusive community of individuals concerned with their personal growth. A space that facilitates personal development through shared ideas, information, experiences, resources and goals. Provuhbs is a central platform where people can learn, share and grow together.

It’s simple. Sign up to the private community, and once your request has been approved, you’ll have full access the community, resources and content. Think of it like a private Facebook group dedicated to personal development – but a lot better! People post useful resources, ask questions and can even engage in events such as webinars and giveaways.

Each of the 4 founders of Provuhbs, have each had personal experience with lack or support and community. As we became a closer group, we realised how valuable and rare it is. We wanted to build upon this value as a foundation for providing a platform for everyone to become their better self. Thus Provuhbs was born.

Yes there is an app! Provuhbs community and hub is hosted and run by Mighty Networks. They built the framework and community hub, as well as an an amazing app you can download for IOS and Android. Now you can take Provuhbs with you everywhere you go!

Provuhbs only works when we all contribute together. So yes, please do share your own content. Whether it be a blog, infographic, or your own personal stories or ideas. But please note, Provuhbs is not for advertising your personal business or brand. Otherwise, your content may be removed and your membership revoked.

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