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Our story begins in the year 2020, where we all first met in a group setting, as a result of a birthday party of a mutual friend we all had.

Steffan and Kwesi had known each other prior to this event as they went to secondary school together, where they also met this mutual friend, however, they weren’t so close after they left. On the other hand, Aki and Nathan met earlier in 2020, through the mutual friend who’s birthday party we all attended. Nathan met this mutual friend a year prior, in the gym, whilst Aki met this mutual friend through social media, early in 2020 during the height of lockdown.

After our first encounter as a group, we hit it off and had a lot of fun, therefore, fast forward a year later in 2021 we decided to help each other on our Christian walk by forming a Bible study group, after we had our individual convictions. The group was a success and we had become great friends, so we started meeting up regularly then at the beginning of 2022, after Kwesi’s birthday, is when we started to cement the foundation of the group you now see today…

Story Time

Sometime around August 2021, I only really knew Kwesi, since we were close friends since secondary and sixth form. When school finished, we were still friends but didn’t talk as much. But in August, I was invited to join a bible study session by Nathan and a common friend of ours. Soon after we were speaking everyday at 7am without fail. By the time you know it, Nathan’s invited Aki and I had invited Kwesi. Badda bing badda boom!

So what started out at a group of boys who just wanted to help each other along the Christian walk, quickly became a group of best friends who got along well. Over the months and eventual year, we grew closer, and became more of an integral part of each others life. I think its safe to say, Jump Giants for Kwesi’s birthday was the nail in the coffin…

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Steffan Lynch

Technical & Strategy

Steffan is our strategist, ‘The IT Guy’, and the organiser. Without Steffan, it’s safe to say nothing would get done. More than anything, he as more self awareness and emotional intelligence most people.

Akinwale A

Social Media & Content

Aki is our Steve Jobs; the dynamic visionary who always has the unique and innovative solutions and ideas. Not to mention there’s not much he doesn’t do: videography, football, networking, just to name a few

What does Provuhbs mean anyways?

The name Provuhbs comes from the word Proverbs. A proverb is a well known saying stating a general truth or piece of advice. In the bible there’s a book called Proverbs, where King Solomon who was a very wise king, as God blessed him, as he shared his wisdom. We’re doing the same… faciliatating the sharing of wisdom, experience and ideas for everyone!

What is our Purpose ?

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Something Bigger

Each of us have always wants to be a part of something that was bigger than us as individuals.

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Unite Efforts

We thought: "why not bring our strengths, interests and values together?' rather than doing it by ourselves.

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Share Ideas

We began sharing our ideas for what we wanted to achieve and what direction we wanted to go.

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Do it Together

Given that we had so much fun as a group, why not continue it and build something from it?

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Maintain What we had

We quickly discovered our group was as unique as it was valuable, so we wanted to protect it.

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For the Greater Good

Not just bigger than ourselves, but to have a wider positive impact beyond ourselves.

we grow

As individuals we do our own journey through life learning, laughing, exploring, growing, making mistakes as well as memories. But as a group, we also grow, support each other in the same capacity.

we Share

We then due our part by sharing it all with you. the good, the bad and everything in between, as naturally and authentically as we can. Whether through Four Slices, our blog or community, we can grow together.

What We Believe Value Build On

Constant Growth and Progress

What's stagnancy? Well we know what is but we don't accept it. While we aren't always looking for more, we're always seeking better, for ourselves and each other, in whatever area that applies.

Driven by purpose

As much as there's a journey, there has to be a destination. And everything we do is with the end goal in mind, so we have something to strive for. That's as individuals, a group and a brand.

Being True to Who We are

We are our characters, personalities, values and beliefs.  So we make sure that everything you'll see, read or hear, is us as authentic as possible. Nothing masked around here.

Community is Everything

Our group has taught us that we can't do anything alone, so we're committed to continuing that idea while making sure to build a community and support system for all of us.

Life is a Journey

Like a journey, life is full and abundant, not always simple but should be enjoyed. By an extension, we approach everything as a such and it underpins everything we do and how we live.

Our Mission

But the core of everything we do is a mission to inspire our audience to be their best, happiest, and healthiest both mentally, professionally and in any other means. Everything ranging from relationships to finances, news topics and careers.

We envision that our content, products and services begin a movement of a culture and people that make the most of this journey, while keeping true to themselves and seeking out more. Our vision is that as a result of our stories, discussions, personal insight and authenticity.

Our Vision

What Does the Future Hold?

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Ui Designer, Jobox
“The Pros, is definitely the best choice I ever made! The course gave me all the skills and the tools i needed to integrate in the industry.”


Animator, Creabird
“I finished the course with a lot of professional knowledge, practical tools and lots of encouragement and support from the expert lecturers”
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Coaching Services

UX Designer, Jobox
“I got my dream job thanks to the course I took and the connections of the expert lecturers that were dedicated to help me find a job.”
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UX Designer, Jobox
“The Pros course helped me take my career to the next level.. I recently started a new job as a web designer and could’nt be more happy!”
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Motion Designer, Plakill
“Proud to be graduating from The Pros Institute. The high level of the courses and the dedication to the students was amazing. Truly thankful! ”

Products & Courses

Web designer and Illustrator, Glowl
“In the course I received a lot of knowledge and professional tools. The lecturers and the rest of the team helped me a lot even after the course.”
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